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Ragdoll Kitts is specializes in the sale of healthy kittens from certified breeders, with whom we have enjoyed long-standing relationships. Our pets are home-raised and responsibly bred for temperament and good congenital health. Our kittens are beautiful and healthy examples of their breed and will be exactly what you and your family are looking for in your search for the new member of your family. Our facility is beautiful and clean, with the most professional and knowledgeable staff you will ever meet.

Our kittens have all been introduced to pee-pad training, obedience training, and kitten socialization which are all important aspects of early pet hood education. We guarantee that with our instruction and your continued guidance at home, your pet will be obedient, intelligent and lead a long happy life. Walk in anytime during our open visiting hours to meet our kittens. Feel free to email us with any questions or to request more pictures of specific kittens, and we will respond immediately. We specialize in purebred kittens rom the best bloodlines, both large and small. Our goal is to help you decided on which breed of kitten is right for you, your family and the circumstances of your household. We will ensure that when you take your kitten home from Scofield Cat Home, you will be provided with all the information and supplies that you need to properly care for your new baby.

The Ragdoll Effect

Ragdoll cats will be completely relaxed when they are picked up. They will lie limp, just like dolls, which is part of how this breed has gotten its name. This is the staple behavior when it comes to the Ragdoll cat breed and it is the specific trait that everybody expects to notice when getting a Ragdoll cat. As we have mentioned above, whether or not this will be present depends entirely on the individual.

Ragdolls love humans

The most striking characteristic of Ragdoll cats is their affinity towards humans. They are very fond of their masters, but they are also extremely interested in socializing with other people as well. This may mean house guests, but it also includes other strangers. In fact, their curiosity towards people is so intense that a lot of cases were reported where Ragdoll cats that were along outside were stolen because they did not protest to being taken away by somebody else than their masters.

Ragdolls are personal bodyguards

It’s more than their blue eyes that makes the Ragdoll one of the most popular cat breeds in the entire world. These cats will build a very strong bond with their masters and one way they are going to show it is proximity. This means that they will follow their masters wherever they go around the house, including the bathroom. However, as opposed to other affectionate cat breeds such as the Siamese, Scottish Fold and the Birman, they are never pushy. Ragdolls are known to be excellent companions. They will spend hours on end next to their masters, but they will rarely bother them with anything.

Ragdolls are puppy-dog cats

The personality of Ragdoll cats has often been compared to that of dogs and for good reason. One of the dog-like behavior traits that lots of Raggies display is their playfulness. The similarity becomes quite obvious when Ragdolls play fetch, which is something that many of them enjoy doing. Moreover, Ragdolls have been observed to be easily socialized with dogs, which is quite the rare trait among cats.

  • Almost all of the Raggies we were told about are very close to their masters. They follow them around the house, they maintain their proximity, but they are not insistent.
  • Very few of them enjoy sitting on their master’s lap or being petted on their bellies. There were also quite a few cuddlers.
  • Many of the Raggies are cuddly with their masters at night, but are quite independent by day.
  • Quite a few of them prefer to sleep with their masters, next to their heads, between their legs, or just close to them.
  • A lot of the Raggies are independent, playful, and quite active. They can entertain themselves by playing around the house.
  • Most of them are not very vocal and meow to ask for food or demand attention.